My Luxury Linen offering bed linen from the finest long-staple cotton. Long staple cotton is well known to be of the highest quality possible, which means that the yarns are spun in to ultra soft and durable threads. We weave and manufacture all our products in the same place; in our family factory in Guimarães, a region of northern Portugal where textile production has thrived since the 18th century. Click here to read more about Cotton Sateen. 

My Luxury Linen Egyptian Cotton



My Luxury Linen is committed to manufacturing products that surpass the most stringent safety and environmental protection standards. Our bedlinen are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re made in an nature-friendly way and free of harmful synthetics and chemicals. By choosing My Luxury Linen’s bedding basics, you support a healthier planet and won’t have to worry about you or your loved ones inhaling harmful substances through the night. What a relaxing thought!




 My Luxury Linen fabrics are made from long-staple cotton and spun into Sateen fabrics. Its soft yet durable treads gives the linen a subtle luster that feels super soft and smooth against the skin. Sateen is naturally wrinkle-resistant, and its sheen will gently diminish with washing. Recommended if you’re seeking a sumptuously smooth feel – but without the shiny look of silk.




When manufacturers use only thread count in determining the quality of linen, you can be positive that it is largely a marketing gimmick. That is why you won’t find thread count listed in our product descriptions. The best indicators of great quality is the fabric; the cotton quality and certificates such as Oeko Tex. That’s why MLL offers only the highest caliber fabrics to give you a world-class sleep experience — of any thread count.

My Luxury Linen Thread Count