Welcome spring in to your bedroom


This long cold winter is finally loosening its grip, and spring is around the corner. Spring cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of what is old and dusty, and welcome the new season of light in to our homes. Spring truly is a new beginning, and it gives us so much new hope and excitement for what is next to come — especially if you live in the far north where the sun has been absent since October. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so take a few moments to refresh it and invite spring in to your home. Here’s how:


This includes throw blankets, curtains and decor pillows. Any textile that you don’t wash on a regular basis. So much dust and other debris gets accumulated in textiles, and spring is the perfect time to get rid of it all. If you have any rugs in the bedroom, take them outside and give them a good whip and leave them in the sunlight for a couple of hours. This will properly air it out and improve the overall air quality in the room.


Don’t stop with just the decor; continue to wash your regular pillows, duvets and mattress toppers. Then vacuum your mattress and flip it around. This will provide and even wear on your mattress, and should be done twice a year.

After you are done with all that laundry, reward yourself by making the bed using your favorite sheets. You know how great it feels to lay down in a freshly made bed after a long day? This will feel one hundred times better!


You should really have some air purifying plants in your bedroom all year around. They provide clean air and additional oxygen which will improve your sleep and encourage you to wake up more refreshed. But if you don’t, now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a green boost.

If you prefer plants with flowers, Peace Lily and Flamingo Lily are easy to care for and they absorb huge amounts of toxins. If you are more in to the evergreen kind, some great plants to have in the bedroom is Ficus, Snake Plant and Devil’s Ivy. In addition to giving you better air quality, having some plants in the bedroom also gives it a refreshed look.

And if you’re not up for the commitment of a permanent plant — nothing says spring more than a fresh bouquet of flowers! Even some tulips from the grocery store will make a big impact and set a lovely tone in your bedroom.


If you are one of many who loves to keep scented candles in the bedroom, then this is a perfect time to take away those winter-scented candles. The days of warm cinnamon and orange is over, now it’s the season for flowery, fruity and refreshing scents that wakes you up and gives you energy. A new laundry detergent scent will also do wonders in awakening your senses!


May it be those heavy coats hanging in the closet, the wool socks in the drawer, or any remaining piece of decoration lingering from winter. Now its time to get rid of it all. This is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter and reorganize.

Remove any object lying around that doesn’t serve you well in this new season. Make sure your space is light and airy just like springtime itself. When we de-clutter it gives us not only peace of mind, but an opportunity to start over again.