The Midnight Feast

Who said feasting is exclusive to the dining table? With so little darkness (and so much opportunity!), make the most of midsummer to enjoy some delectable snacks in bed. 


Here at My Luxury Linens, we believe that your bedroom is more than just a retreat – it’s also your place for true intimacy. Bring up dinner and relax, away from TV, chores and the mobile phone. Feed your imagination (and your partner), with the following:

  • Fruit selections with a warm chocolate dip

  • Honey and yogurt swirls with sliced fresh bread, warmed figs, cheese and apples

  • If you have a tray handy, you can branch out into antipasti spreads, sushi or shellfish

  • In cold weather, serve up soups or casseroles in large mugs: you can even extend this to dessert with microwave mug brownies.

  • Thirsty? Use tumblers instead of wine-glasses and mix up your drinks: white wine is fantastic with chopped, fresh fruit whilst red wine is ready for Sangria. Add in ice cubes too – where they go after your glass is up to you!

To really set the mood, add candles with a few drops of your favorite scent.


If you have young children, grab a plastic-backed cloth and spread it over the floor or bed to avoid stains and crumbs. You get to relax and tidying up takes seconds. We also recommend finger food as it's easier tomanoeuvrewhen you are lying down or jostling with others for space.

  • If you have a baby or a toddler, prepare for food to be dropped or thrown. Fish fingers, crudités and cuddles will be enough: they don’t care about originality and you will keep your stress levels low.

  • For children under the age of seven, you can make almost anything seem exotic with a theme. Try a pirate picnic with "starfish" sandwiches (using a star cutter), fruit jelly cups and cake. If your kids are more adventurous, you can “travel” around the world with different cuisines, or use a blindfold for a tasting game.

  • For older kids, a pizza party and board games will definitely get them going, instead of being slumped in front of the TV. If they need to be bribed, use paper plates to avoid washing up and offer a winner's prize.


If you have the house to yourself, take the night off. Enjoy a twist on yourfavourite flavoursfrom an oven-baked risotto to a quiche or chip basket. Aim for things you can eat with one hand, leaving the other free for your drink. Listening to music or taking time out with a podcast or a pet can help slow down and prolong the evening -  just before blissful sleep.   

Take time out in your bedroom with your favourite foods and music, before some stress-free sleep.