Simple tips to sleep better

We know we’re supposed to get enough sleep, but it’s often easier said than done. Luckily, there are a handful of helpful tips and tricks to combat sleep problems both big and small. Here we go...

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Bedtime: Go to bed at about the same time every night, including weekends.

Don’t Sleep In: Keep your wake-up time consistent. Don’t sleep in on the weekends.

Naps: Avoid naps. If you must take a nap, set the alarm so you don’t sleep for more than an hour. Don’t take a nap after 3 p.m.

Keep to a Schedule: Schedules aren’t just about bedtime and wake-up time. It also means eating your meals, taking medications, exercise and even watching television should occur about the same time every day to keep your body clock in sync.

My Luxury Linen - Simple tips to sleep better

Avoid Screens: Turn off the tablet, the television and the phone. The blue light in your screen has the same effect on your brain as sunlight, which means it wakes you up just when you want to be drifting off.

Think Spa Bedroom: Make your bedroom a pleasant, peaceful and relaxing getaway. Get rid of exercise equipment, televisions, small children, etc.

Beds Are for Sleep and Romance: Don’t use the bed for watching television, talking on the phone, doing homework or eating and drinking.

Work Out Early: Strenuous exercise is not a good idea right before bedtime. Try yoga.

My Luxury Linen - Simple tips to sleep better

No Night Eating: Don’t eat meals close to bedtime and avoid evening and late night snacking. If your body is churning through a big meal, it’s certainly not going to get the rest it needs. And if you’re overweight or prone to digestion problems, you’re likely to experience painful heartburn and reflux if you binge too close to bedtime.

Catch Some Morning Rays: Sunlight keeps your internal clock ticking. Go outside as soon as you wake up and spend at least 15 minutes in the morning sun. (And if it’s a hot sun, use sunscreen.)  

Keep It Cool: Cool bodies sleep better, but most people keep their bedrooms too warm at night, which can interfere with sleep. Taking a hot bath before bedtime is a good idea, because once you get out of the bath, your body cools down more quickly, which will help you drift off to sleep.