How to perfect the art of napping

We all dream of the perfect nap. But so often we find ourselves waking up from a mid-day slumber even more tired then before. Other times, we might jump out of bed feeling incredibly refreshed. So how can we assure that we get the best quality nap at all times? A nap that gives us new energy to take on the rest of the day, and won’t leave us sluggish and grumpy.

Most of us know the basics no-no’s by now: don’t sleep too long, don’t nap too close to bedtime and don’t stress out if you can’t fall asleep. But what can you do to perfect the art of napping Even though we can never fully guarantee how you will feel when you wake up from a nap, there are many things you can do to promote the best possible outcome.



It seems contradictory, but having a cup of coffee before getting some Zzz’s can give you an additional boost. Caffeine takes about 15-30 minutes to kick in, so after a 20 min power nap you will be as good as new.


It’s totally okay if you don’t actually fall asleep. Sometimes all we need is some quiet time to clear our thoughts. If you feel more exhausted than sleepy, then maybe some laying down meditation is what you need. To meditate for a few minutes can help re-charge our mind and give us the clarity we need to proceed with our daily tasks.


Contrary to popular belief, it is not very efficient to nap in a semi-uncomfortable position like in an armchair or even worse — at a work desk! By snuggling up in our comfortable bed we are giving our body the rest and comfort it truly needs and deserves. It also signals to our brain that it is time to sleep. So don’t feel bad for hiding under the blankets when you need some peace and quiet!


We start to get sleepy about 7 hours after waking up. The afternoon is a great time to nap, but be careful so you don’t snooze to late. Experts recommend no napping after 4 pm, otherwise your bedtime schedule will be affected.


Some people wake up by them self after 10, 15, or 30 minutes of sleep. Many don’t. Make sure you set an alarm for either 20 minutes (before REM kicks in) or 90 minutes (after a full sleep cycle).  Those times are optimal for our brain to wake up at, and you will wake up feeling more rested and energized.



Everyone needs a nap sometimes. Whether you’re a new parent, a successful banker or a hard working teacher. We all live hectic lives that we sometimes need to recover from. To give your body and mind a few moments to relax and recharge is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.