How to create a good morning routine (part 2)

The morning is an important part of the day. A healthy and productive morning will set the tone for a productive day overall, so make sure to take your morning routine seriously. Wake up without hitting the snooze button and energize yourself right away with a glass of cold water and some exercise. Stay on track throughout the morning, limiting distractions to start your day off productively. Here's how to create a good morning routine - part two. 


While the extra few minutes of sleep may sound tempting when you're groggy, reaching for the snooze button is not the best way to start off your morning. It can actually make you more tired to hit snooze as you are continually disrupting your sleep cycle.

  • When you wake up from your alarm, you're waking up from a deep, restful sleep. When you hit snooze, you return to a lighter state of sleep. This sleep will not help you get extra rest, and can actually make you more tired in the long run.

  • Instead of hitting snooze, set the alarm for when you actually intend to get up. Do not set the alarm for 8:30 so you can have the satisfaction of turning off the alarm and then getting up at 8:45. Instead, set the alarm for 8:45 and get up without hitting snooze.


You want to make sure you get up with more than enough time to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and do anything else you need to before work or school. Aim to get up about two hours before you need to be somewhere. For example, say you need to be at work by nine. Get up at seven.

  • Depending on things like your commute, you may need to get up earlier. If you have an hour commute to work, for example, you'll have to be out the door by eight o'clock; therefore, aim to get up at six.


Assemble a morning playlist of upbeat songs. Music can help get you in an energetic mood going into the day. Listen to a peppy morning playlist as you do things like brush your teeth, shower, and otherwise get ready.


Never skip breakfast, This will leave you groggy and tired throughout the day. For breakfast, stay away from heavily processed or sugary foods. Eat a healthy breakfast made up of protein, whole grains, and fruit.

  • Opt for something like yogurt and fruit, a green smoothie, or oatmeal. Stay away from things like donuts, other pastries, or microwavable breakfast foods.