From dusk till dawn with Julia Laukart

Perfectly matching tone in tone, cakes you only dream about but never get to eat and flowers that seems to bloom only under her roof - Julia is one of those magical IT-girls that you want to be best friend with from the first glance at her instagram. And on top of that, Julia and her husband is currently building their dream house in the area of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

We all know that a beautiful life comes from a good night sleep, so we asked Julia, to tell us about her routines from from dusk till dawn. Here she shares her bedtime routine, beauty tricks and her everyday breakfast. Over to Julia…..

My unwinding routine when I get home from work looks quiet every day like this:

 Getting into my comfy pajamas, prepping for the next day (lunch box, breakfast preps) to save some time in the morning and than check the weather app for the next day, so I can decide on what to wear the next day. This is so helpful and saves me lots of time debating in the morning what to wear ;)

After all the above is done, I grab a cup of water or juice and relax, cook dinner, read a book or in summer take a bike ride into sunsets ;)


My evening beauty routine:

I usually like to start with cleaning my face, followed by brushing teeth, combing hair and once in a while I treat myself with a facial mask. A must for every night is my night face moisturizer for the skin regenerate over night.


Two things I always do before bed:

The two things I always do before going to bed, is airing the bedroom and shake off the pillows and blankets. It gives them a fresh touch and smell, which helps me fall asleep faster. 

 My favorite night drink:

Preferably tea or water. I really like herbal tea or chamomile tea that soothes / calms down and helps me get into a sleeping mode ;) 

On my bedside table is always water if I get thirsty at night or in the morning when I wake up.


Before turning off the lights:

Before I forget it, I set the alarm clock for the next day and turn off the lights. 

Usually when I lay down, my thoughts wander through the day and reflect what happened and count the blessings I received during the day. Than of course cuddle time with hubby is a must bedtime routine!

My day starts at:

During the week, my day starts at 7 o'clock in the morning and on weekends I wake up between 8:30 o'clock and 9 o'clock.


How often do you hit snooze in the morning:

Way tooo often :-) I'm more of a night owl and therefore it is not always so easy to get up for me in the morning. I always need a few attempts and so that I get up in time, I set my alarm clock a little bit earlier, so I can wake up slowly and then start the day relaxed.


What makes me happy in the morning: 

When I am awakened by the sunbeams in the morning, I am the happiest girl on this planet.

I think a day cannot start any better than with sunshine and the sound of bird chirping outside. That's why I never shut the blinder completely in the bedroom so that the sun has an easy way to get into our bedroom and wake me up ;) Which isn’t the case unfortunately in winter, because I have to get up really early to go to work, but I treasure these moments during weekends and in summer a lot.


Everyday breakfast:

There is almost no better way for me to start the day, than with a smoothie or a granola yogurt bowl with fresh berries and nuts. I just love them so much.

 If I’d describe my perfect breakfast in bed moment, that would always be Pancakes with fresh fruits and a big fluffy cappuccino or coffee.