Dress your bedroom by the season


“You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both” - John Wildsmith. 

With the warm weather upon us, have you finally bought that pair of delicious sandals, on sale in the shops? And found the perfect summer duvet set to match? 

In truth, we don’t spend enough on our bedrooms, despite the amount of time we spend in there. It’s also a mistake – our sleep touches every other area of our life, from health and beauty through to work, creativity and sex. In the same way you have winter boots and spring footwear, you should be adjusting your sleep sanctuary to the changing seasons. Here is the MLL Fast Guide to your annual bedroom: what to consider and how to mix it up. 

Give your mood a boost with fresh linen and mark the seasons in your bedroom retreat.


Blackout curtains are brilliant in winter, but they can be oppressive in summer when you want a light breeze flowing through the room. Thanks to large eyelets or crocodile clips, it’s the work of moments to swap curtains out, replace heavy drapes with light cotton or even voile. However, if you don’t want the sun to wake you up, blackout roller blinds are a brilliant alternative to blocking the light without being stuffy. This leads us on to:


According to Health Centre UK; "a cooler bedroom is thought to enable a better environment for sleep as it mirrors the fall in the core body temperature of the sleeper. Hotter environments can lead to a more disturbed night’s sleep as it affects the REM sleep and can lead to more awakenings during the night.” So, open those windows; change your duvet to a lighter tog ( under 7.5, for the summer) and switch to cotton or even silk sheets for the ultimate in comfort. 


Our mood mirrors our environment – and you have complete control over your bedroom. Set yourself up for a fantastic day from the moment you open your eyes with the right blend of accessories. If you have embraced the Scandinavian style, you will already know how to mix up your rooms by using colorful objects on a neutral palette. In the space of single afternoon you can change the mood of your room from cozy to playful or relaxing. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Update or change your room's season look with objects from around the house. Unexpected placements can trigger new thoughts and dreams for you.


Aim for a heavy linen blend, with light throws for the colder nights. Once the frosts end you can happily switch to a summer duvet, together with a blanket.  Your pillows are a great tactile element, from plush velvet to bamboo stripes. If you don’t have the budget for the entire bed, just buying two pillow slips and a throw is enough to change the look and feel of the room. Decorate your headboard with crochet flowers or paper art frescos. Change around the pictures on the wall and welcome plants into your room: adding some fresh lavender on the windowsill can do wonders for your mood.  


Your bedroom can be made into the coolest room in the house with the right air flow and stripped-back furnishings: de-clutter as much as possible! On the hottest days, ditch the duvet in favor of a sheet, or a light bamboo blanket if you need the weight. Dehydration is a particular problem in the summer, so buy a good water bottle or covered jug and quench your thirst the minute you wake up. Cold water with a twist of lemon is a great way to refresh your system before facing the day. 


This time of year can be harsh on our eyes, so keep your room restful and make full use of it to avoid feeling run down. Autumn is typically the worst time for sleep as our body clocks adjust to the seasons, but our electronic lifestyle does not. Take the hint from the night sky and enjoy rich, russet colours on the bed, spicy hot chocolate and the return of your winter duvet (typically 10.5 tog or above). If you are struggling with the shorter days, place a mirror opposite the bedroom window to reflect more light into your room.


It's time to enjoy your sense of touch: think rugs on bare feet, snuggle up with velvet pillows and make the most of the long nights with a good book. Most of us catch around 4 colds a year (especially if you are in contact with children!), so keep your immune system fighting fit with frankincense and lavender essential oils. These can be dropped on a pillow or added to diffuser for a good night’s sleep. 

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