Cotton Explained

When we decided to give the world a better night’s sleep, we knew it would have to start with the best fabric: soft, breathable, durable cotton. One way to ensure your sleep is uninterrupted and peaceful is to make sure your bed is the best it can be. By only using bed linen made by natural materials, such as cotton, you are guaranteed to get the most comfortable sleep.




Cotton is a pure and natural material that comes from the cotton plant. And when used in linen, it makes the fabric breathable and absorbent. As we sleep our bodies change temperature, and to be comfortable we need the fabric in our bed to let out the heat when we get to hot, and keep us warm when we are cold. Cotton does exactly that. And since cotton is breathable, it is also more hygienic than synthetic fabrics, and easier to clean. Bed linen made of synthetic materials, such as polyester, will leave us either soaked in sweat or too cold to be comfortable. So if your old bedsheets are itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy, take a look at the bedding label and its fabric composition as your linen may not be cotton-rich. 


Cotton is strong, tough, flexible and durable. You can rely on it to last and remain soft and comfortable for a long time —and it won’t break easily. In fact, good quality cotton will only get softer the more you use it, which means that you will be able enjoy your sheets for a long period of time.


The quality of cotton depends on the length of the cotton fiber. Longer fiber makes a more uniform, resistant and smoother thread. For example, Egyptian cotton is famous for its quality and probably the most valued cotton world-wide. Why? The the length of the Egyptian cotton fibre, which we call ‘long staple cotton’, makes it possible to make the finest of threads, without sacrificing the strength of the yarn.

Simplified as; In the manufacturing process, the cotton fiber is spun in to fabrics that we use for bed linen, where Sateen and Percale weaves are the most common types of weaves. And even though they are both weaves of cotton, sateen and percale have quite different qualities. Which kind of weave you prefer, is entirely up to you and your personal preference, but it is the yarn that makes the fabrics that really matters in the end. 

So, if you want your bed to be the best it can be; do yourself a favour and make your bed with My Luxury Linen cotton sheets, spun from the finest of treads. You deserve it!