Bedtime routines with Isolina Fedel

We invited entrepreneur and favorite it-girl Isolina Fedel to reveal her secrets to successful sleep. She graduated from one of the world's best design schools, Parsons School of Design, in New York, runs two companies on her own and started the journey towards entrepreneurship at the age of 12. And we asked ourselves if she even has time to sleep?

In this blogpost she shares her love for hotel beds, the traditional Swedish cheese Prästost and her sleeping record being 22h in a row! Now over to super entrepreneur Isolina Fedel

 I’m a huge hotel lover and I love that MLL feels like a hotel bed ”

How often do you hit snooze in the morning?

I actually stopped snoozing any alarms almost five/six years ago as I always snoozed too long, and until it was too late.. 

How many pillows do you use when sleeping?
I am not a big fan of using pillows since we have a very comfortable bed - but since my boyfriend loves pillows.. We have seven (!) of them. Don’t ask. 

A good bed is a bed with:

Comfortable and crispy bed linen made out of cotton of course.