What is Cotton Sateen

While browsing the linen section of a store, you might be confused about the different kind of fabrics available. In fact, bed linen come in several different kinds of fabrics and it’s not always easy to decide what is right for yourself. Thankfully, since there are different kinds of fabrics to choose from, there is hope to find a particular one that fits your specific preferences. Some like their sheets crisp and cool to touch, while others like them warm and smooth in texture. 


Let us give you a brief introduction to Sateen, which is one of the most popular types of cotton fabrics. In case you haven’t paid attention to the feel of your bedlinen fabrics before, and have no idea of what you might prefer; reading this might help enlighten you in your search for the perfect linen. 


Sateen is a type of cotton fabric that is incredibly soft, smooth and light, and it has a high lustre which gives it a luxury feel and quality. The sateen weave is also distinguished from other types of cotton weaves by its silky glossy finish on one side, and a matte soft finish on the other.

My Luxury Linen use only the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton in our sateen linen. Because when sateen linen is woven with high quality cotton, such as Egyptian cotton, it is both lustrous and strong. 

The Egyptian cotton fibre is well known to be of the highest quality possible, which means that the yarns are spun in to ultra soft and durable threads. Sateen is the optimal choice for anyone who likes lustrous bedding. Perfect all year around, the fabric is warm to the touch and because it drapes against the skin, it has a cosier feel than other types of linen.

So do yourself a favour and make your bed with My Luxury Linen sateen bedding, made from 100% organic Egyptian Cotton.