What bed sheets to use in summer?

Many of us don't swap out our bedding each season, but to prevent tossing and turning in the summer heat, it may be best to consider changing out your sheets for a set that won't make a hot night even worse. So ditch your flannel bedding, and read our tips below for choosing the best sheets to keep you cool and comfortable.

With the right summer bedding, you can sleep soundly through the night. Here are our best summer bedding ideas that’ll make your bed look and feel a little cooler.


A cooler night’s sleep starts by putting your down comforter into storage along with other dense winter bedding like flannel sheets and thick quilts. Instead of bedding that traps heat, opt for lighter options that you’ll want to lounge in even on the warmest summer morning. Try a duvet that’s made from cotton or linen.


Fabrics made from natural materials like Cotton and Linen are the most breathable and will wick away perspiration, keeping you cool and dry, versus synthetic fabrics which don't allow ventilation. (Studies suggest that the average person sweats one pint of perspiration throughout the night. Ick!). 


For the summer months, choose light colored sheets that reflect rather than absorb the light that comes in through your bedroom windows during the day. White or light colored sheets are easy to bleach as well. But remember when laundering your sheets use lukewarm water and avoid drying on high heat to keep them in the best condition. Better yet, dry your sheets on a line outdoors for that amazing sunshine smell.