Swedish Home Styling with Ida

Glamorous and classic, and we would say Swedish home styling at its very best. Welcome home to Ida, the Swedish girl and interior-designer-to-be, who’s inspiring thousands of people everyday with her beautiful photos. By interviewing Ida we learned about everything from Orchids to Louis Vuitton Catwalks, and of course her greatest tips for a good nights sleep! Read more below.

Ideas beautiful bedside table with golden details and perfectly matching lamp and cup.

What is the most important thing in a bedroom?

The most important thing in a bedroom is actually my sleeping companion. I can sleep almost anywhere as long as I have my husband next to me, otherwise a nice bed is of course the most important.

A bedside table shows a lot about a person, what’s on yours? 

On my bed table I have a lamp, a phone charger and something to drink, mostly a glass of water and besides that I keep a hand cream and lip balm in my drawer.

How about flowers in your bedroom, yes or no?

It is very nice with flowers in the bedroom, but very honestly I can admit I never have flowers in the bedroom…I feel it is rather pointless when all I do in my bedroom is sleeping. Nevertheless, if one wants to keep flowers in the bedroom Orchics are good for sleep according to feng shui. Orchids not only absorb carbon dioxide but they release oxygen at night which make them ideal for bedrooms. They can also help us sleep better because of this fact. 

Ida is matching the headboard with My Luxury Linen’s signature bed linen in grey.

You have a beautiful home, what inspires you in your interior design?

I am inspired mostly by all beautiful interior accounts on instagram, but also by the trends visible on TV, newspapers and on the internet in general. 

A perfect bedroom is a bedroom that has?

A large and comfortable bed made with soft and comfy bed linen, and preferably decorated with a some beautiful interior pieces. 

“A perfect bedroom is a bedroom that is made with soft and comfy bedlinen”

If you had to pick a coffee table book, which one would it be?

Right now I am really keen on the book Louis Vuitton Catwalk.

Last question, give us your best tips for a good night's sleep?

To sleep well, my best tips is to keep the bedroom cool with a lower temperature, I can’t fall asleep when it is too hot, if I’m hungry or have too many things to think about. In times when I have too much to ponder on I usually listen to a podcast or audio book and then I fall asleep more easily. Being physically tired after training usually also makes me sleep really well. 

For more inspiration follow Ida on Instagram at @Idasinredning