Learn how to Love Mornings

We know it can be tough to get out of bed sometime, but these early hours are often the best time to do things for yourself, before everyone else demands attention. A good start to become a morning person is to start loving your mornings. We took inspiration from Jessa Blades to teach us how to love mornings.

1. Set your own alarm.

When I’m ready for sleep, I close my eyes and focus on what time I want to wake up in the morning. I set an alarm as backup, but I usually tend to rise at the time I instructed my body to awaken. This practice helps me get more in touch with the power of my mind and my intuition.

2. Make breakfast easy and complete.

I love a cup of tea in my favourite mug (my mom made the mug for me; she’s a ceramic artist) in the morning. Dandelion is one of my favorite plants, and as an herbalist I love how it gently supports digestion. I love a smoothies — more for healing than taste. I use different combinations of food depending on what my body needs — kale, coconut oil, spinach, berries, soaked chia seeds, kefir, oats, almond milk, banana, flaxseed, tincture of echinacea — whatever I have around.

3. Meditate, and make it easy.

The daily practice of meditation is powerful and transformative. It helps my creativity and allows my brain to rest and refocus. I like to start out my day with meditation, even if it’s just for five minutes. I light a candle, sit back in my made bed (it’s been said that making the bed is great for productivity) and meditate. There are great apps that make meditating easier; I’m a huge fan of the one by calm.com. 

4. Bring nature into the morning in any way possible.

When the weather’s nice, I like to sit outside with my bare feet in the grass while sipping some hot water with lemon. If the weather isn’t ideal, I experience nature in more creative ways — with herbal tea, the steam from dried eucalyptus hanging in my shower, or through my rose-infused face oil. The conscious addition of nature to my morning ritual helps me slow down and feel inspired.

5. Listen to music. 

To me, music is like sunshine for my body and mind. I believe it has healing properties, and it makes me feel calm and happy as I start my day.