How to decorate the bedroom with Åsa Gramén

We spoke to Swedish interior designer and stylist Åsa Gramén, on how to decorate a bedroom to get that calm atmosphere where you can unwind, snuggle and wake up in peace. Here’s her tips… Over to Åsa.

….As an interior designer, I really love to decorate the bedroom. It is one of my favourite rooms in a home, both in my own house as well as in my clients homes. I like the way one can create a peaceful oasis and a room that radiates well-being with so simple means. After all, this is where we recharge as well as most likely the first thing we see when we wake up the next day. So let me give you some tips on How to decorate a bedroom.


With the help of nice bedding, pillows and a bedspread, you can add to the cozy feeling as much or as little as you like. I personally prefer to create a fluffy looking bed with lots of textiles for comfort.

Decorate with pillows of different sizes, soft fine sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases in luxurious, comfortable materials and finish with a neat bedspread or plaid.

No need for perfection, a messy bed is both comfortable and inviting.


When it comes to technology the bedroom should preferably be completely free of any gadgets, mobile phones included. If you want a bedroom where you can rest, you should exclude the TV’s, phones, laptops etc, trust me you will sleep better without them.

Remember not to over-furnish the bedroom and leave it clean - you need space to be able to easily get around the room and if the room becomes too crowded it may create stress.


Don’t be afraid to decorate with a lot of lighting. Any bedroom should in general consist of at a reading lamp or two, ceiling light when you may get dressed during the dark months and eventually a mood light or decorative lightning to turn on when you want to unwind in the evening.

Make your bed with with white bedlinen from My Luxury Linen à la a hotel suite.


Neutral colors like gray, white and nature give calm impressions. Make your bed with with white bedlinen à la a hotel suite. Add a solid solid carpet, an upholstered headboard and some long curtains help to tone down any sounds. Symmetry enhances harmony; use two bedside tables and lamps on each side of the bed. One can reinforce the symmetrical sight with even number of pillows in the bed.


I like to decorate my or my clients bedroom with white soft sheets, exactly like the ones from My Luxury Linen, those sheets are magical! Crispy white, super soft and totally dreamy to sleep in! I hope you are inspired with my tips on how to decorate the bedroom. Simply think high comfort and coziness and you won’t have to sleep to dream! Warmly, Åsa.