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Known for its perfect mix of elegance and boho; Juliesdresscode.de is the German fashion blog that inspire ladies all over the globe with its dark tones and golden accents. Here, Julie herself shares her personal tips for making larger bedrooms cozy, why she keeps flowers in each room apart from the bedroom, and why a Japanese water cure is worth following. 

My Luxury Linen Julies dress code The perfect mix of elegance and boho

A perfect bedroom is a bedroom that have...

For me, coziness is the most important thing in the bedroom. When we moved into our new apartment a few months ago, we suddenly had a lot more space than before, and especially in the bedroom. I really had to spend time thinking about how I could make this large new bedroom cozy. Finally, I decided to paint the walls in a dark grey-blue color, which provides a calm elegance. 

If you can name one book to keep on your coffee table, which one would it be?

There is an illustrated book that I keep looking at: "Living in Morocco". I can't get enough of the oriental style - a mixture of elegance and boho. So many lovely details and yet brought to the point, somehow always harmonious. This book inspires me and my furnishing style. Dark tones, golden accents with warm wood notes… 

 What keeps you up at night?

Since I am self-employed, I have countless deadlines in my head. Thinking of meetings or ideas for blog posts, photos and outfits sometimes keeps me awake at night. In order to organize everything better and to clear my head, I have been using Trello for a few months, creating editorial plans and to-do lists and thus have a clearer head at night. 

When you can't sleep, you...

If I can't fall asleep, I take my headphones and listen to podcasts. Podcasts are often so relaxing and entertaining, I'm currently working on one of my own and enjoy being inspired. 

I share the bed with:

I've been sharing my bed with my boyfriend Daniel for five years and as kitschy as it sounds, we go to bed pretty much every night at the same time. Our beloved pug Emma has her set place in front of the bed for three years and she even likes it so much that she lets us sleep longer on the weekends.

Our beloved pug Emma has her set place in front of the bed for three years.

Our beloved pug Emma has her set place in front of the bed for three years.

 What makes me happy in the morning:

There are a lot of things: When the sun shines into the room and I wake up well-rested makes me happy. As well as the happy sound of our puppy Emma, especially in the morning when we she realizes that we finally get up!  

For everyday breakfast I have:

For about two months I have been doing the Japanese water cure: every morning I drink four glasses of water right after getting up and then wait 45 minutes for coffee and breakfast. It is a great way to detox the body after a long night’s sleep. But later, breakfast where my coffee is most often accompanied by oat muesli with fresh fruit, cocoa nibs and coconut. So delicious! Ever since I started the Japanese water cure, I have started the day much fitter.

Flowers in the bedroom yey or ney?

 I love fresh flowers, preferably in every room - apart from the bedroom. We find flowering plants or flowers having a disturbing, if not uplifting smell so instead we love to decorate the bedroom with tiny cactuses, which brings a touch of green into the room. I really love cactus and there are a few of them in every room. 

My luxury linen - decorate the bedroom with tiny cactuses

 A little note from the founder of MLL.

When we started MLL we decided to build the brand as if we would build a fashion brand. And we still do with our goals to have seasonal collections, using models in our marketing and being influential in our own way, far away from traditional interior brands. That’s why we love to collaborate with fashion bloggers like Julie! xo


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