Don't get High on Thread count

Lets talk about thread count for a minute. 

When shopping for, and talking about bed linen, we often hear the term “thread count”. So what does thread count mean? And more importantly; 

Does thread count really matter? 

It’s actually quite simple. The thread count is the number of threads contained in each square inch of fabric. And a lot of times we are told that the higher the thread count the more luxurious the fabric will feel. Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 600, although you'll occasionally see numbers over 1,000. So you would assume that a thread count of 1000 would equal the highest quality sheets right? Nope, that's wrong.

In fact, after about 300-500, the square inch have reached its maximum softness and will only feel stiff if the thread count is higher. However, as a marketing ploy, extra threads are often twisted into the weft, adding to the thread count without actually doing anything to make the fabric softer or stronger.

My Luxury Linen What does tread count mean?

Thread count alone is not an indication of quality.

When manufacturers use only thread count in determining the quality of linen, you can be positive that it is largely a marketing gimmick. That is why you won’t find thread count listed in our product descriptions. The best indicators of great quality is the fabric; the cotton quality. By simply stating the thread count you won’t get the whole story. 

The bottom line is...

Thread count doesn’t take in to consideration the quality of the material, the manufacturing process or the finishing — which are all key factors in assessing the calibre of a fabric. And watch out for low priced linen with a high thread count, this type of bed sheet will likely have a lower quality weave and won’t be made from the softest of cotton. 

So no, thread count should not be a determining factor while deciding on a new set of linen. That’s why MLL offers only the highest caliber fabrics to give you a world-class sleep experience — of any thread count. Read more about our Cotton here

My luxury Linen what does tread count really matter?