Always and much; sleep routines with Sabine



These crisp, bright and Scandinavian images at @interior.apartment caught our attention from the first glance. So we asked Sabine, the very celebrated interior blogger from Hamburg to tell us more about her sleep routines - what keeps her up at night and what she does the first thing in the morning. Over to Sabine and her dog Cookie…


Night-walks with cookie

When I was asked if I would like to write a blog post about my sleep routines I didn't have to think long. I love to sleep, (always and a lot!) and especially in the dark winter when I’m coming back from the night walks with my dog. Yea, I really mean night walks - because our little dog named Cookie (of the breed Shihtzu) has completely adapted to our way of life. She’s sleeping until midday or as long as she can and stays up with us until midnight. So when I'm back from our walk, I'm always looking forward to go to bed.

How do you sleep?

When it comes to the bedroom I mostly like to sleep in white bed linens, ok - grey and pink are allowed too and the TV must be switched on or I can't sleep. Usually not for long, half an hour with timer and then I fall asleep…Prior to that I make a little thermos with tea that I place on my bed-table. This way I can wake up in the morning and drink a cup of hot tea before I even leave my cozy-camp.


Something very important?

Maaaaany pillows and two duvets (220x240cm) in bed are very important. I sleep on the side always have one duvet under my legs and the second one on top of me. It almost makes me disappear in my huge pile of beddings.

My sleep duration should not be less than 8 hours but it of course depends on when and what I have to do the next day. When I wake up I drink my tea while I’m checking my email, WhatsApp and Instagram.

If you cannot fall asleep?

In case it happens (ehhm, very seldom) that I wake up at night and cannot fall asleep - I try to imagine myself being on the beach listening to the waves rushing and the water washing over my feet and all of a sudden I’m sleeping.

Sabine from @intrior.apartment - Read the blogpost in German

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