Valentines means Hygge for couples

If you are a fan of My Luxury Linen, you may already know about the concept of "Hygge" or "comfort-mood". It evokes a simpler lifestyle, such as chocolate in front of a log fire, crisp sheets with a throw on the bed or even a chunky, knitted sweater on a cold day.  

Beyond the physical reality, hygge is a specific mindset that focuses on relaxation, enjoyment and cultivating those special moments. It's ideal for celebrating Valentine's Day, making that romantic evening a little more magical. 

Give yourself the give of space, simplicity and coziness this Valentine’s Day.

Give yourself the give of space, simplicity and coziness this Valentine’s Day.

Banish the Hygge-killers

There are few things more effective than text notifications or Facebook to erase yourcosymood. Leave your phone in the sitting room and banish all screens from the bedroom. Tonight, the only person you want to talk to is right next to you. 

Another way to quash the mood is clutter. There are few things less appealing than used plates, dirty surfaces and mounds of washing on the floor. Keep your room inviting with sleek lines, clean tables and fresh linen. Even if you are short on space, grab a box and banish the clutter to a corner that's out of sight. Don't forget tovacuumthe floor and you can cover up tired carpets or floorboards with an inexpensive rug. If you do have the space, consider a reading corner for your books complete with lighting and a comfy chair. Books collect dust incredibly quickly and they are the third-biggest sources of bedtime annoyance for partners (after snoring and phones!). 

Set the scene

Next, think about lighting. Scented candles are a little clichéd but very convenient for a quick, easy way to start the evening in the right mood. Alternatively, if you are worried about the fire risk you can get LED battery candles that will give the same effect. Another option for a subtle indoor shift is an essential oil burner that allows you to add your signature scent to the room and lift the humidity. Depending on your taste, you can use lemon oil for a clean breathe of air or experiment with traditional aphrodisiacs such as ylang-ylang and jasmine. 

What will you do?

Give yourself permission to have fun! Hygge is about playfulness, so embrace that side of your relationship. Plan a massage, feed each other food or even have a cute pillow-fight (just beware of the candles). Naturally, you should spend time talking and hugging. By decluttering your mind and your expectations, you will truly embrace the Hygge philosophy this month.

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