Midsummer (bedroom) madness

In our previous blog post, we were talking about the seasonal changes you can make to your room, to enjoy the best night's sleep possible. However, it's also possible to celebrate specific festivals and give you many of the benefits of a short break - without ever leaving the house. 

My Luxury Linen Midsummer (bedroom) madness

What's so special about June 23rd?

Midsummer stands for the longest day of the year - up to 16 hours of daylight in the UK, whilst in northern Scandinavia, the sun never actually sets! It's the start of the Swedish holidays, offering a brilliant excuse to meet up with family, make merry and really enjoy the summer. In the morning, flowers are picked for wreaths and the maypole is erected. In the afternoon, traditional ring-dances take place, followed by delicious food. The evenings are devoted to singing, drinking and bonfires. 

24 hours of feasting with friends and family does sound idyllic. But if you can't do that due to work, studying or caring obligations, you can still celebrate in your time off. We all get (at least) 10 hours of the night, some of which is spent in the bedroom. So, even if you can't enjoy Midsummer as a holiday, you can still get that holiday feeling at the height of summer. 

Make the most of midsummer with fresh yellow and gold shades in the bedroom.

Make the most of midsummer with fresh yellow and gold shades in the bedroom.

1. Set the scene with scents

Do you have certain scents that you associate with the holidays? It may be a different type of shampoo, suntan cream or spray. Pick one to get you in the mood. If time permits, it's also worth washing your bedding in a different laundry detergent, just to jolt your senses and introduce a new dimension to your room - just like you would, at a hotel. If you don't have time for that, spritz a few drops of water, mixed with essential oils, over your bedding.   

2. Add flowers

On your way, pick seven types of flower from the hedgerow (or a nearby park, if you live in a town). Swedish tradition says that if you put them under your pillow, you will dream of your future husband.

3.  Enjoy fresh fruits. 

Summer is the time of abundance, so indulge in your favorite fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries and melon slices.  Add a little fresh cream on the side and a glass of sparkling elderflower, primed for your evening entertainment. Speaking of which...

4. Banish the phone and pick up the magazine. 

Electronic devices are dreadful for sleep. So, leave your phone downstairs, keep the iPad switched off and pick up a magazine. Just looking at holiday destinations and daydreaming (or actively planning) your next trip can boost your serotonin levels and make you feel better. It also helps your dreams!

5. Treat yourself to nice nightclothes. 

Banish the ratty dressing gown and bring out the crisp cotton nightwear, or a silky piece that makes you feel fantastic. Remember: you are on a mini-holiday, so banish the self-doubts!

Make the most of midsummer with nightwear that makes you feel fantastic.

Make the most of midsummer with nightwear that makes you feel fantastic.

6. Prioritize your sleep

Finally, allow yourself eight hours of sleep - either through a lie-in or by going to bed at a good time. The difference will be seen in your energy levels and your face, ready to start the day. 

7. Pick your holiday breakfast. 

With a little preparation, you can enjoy a luxurious breakfast in bed or on the go. Pancake mix can be made the night before. Cook it quickly, roll it up with your favorite fillings and eat it like a wrap. A little tinfoil at the end stops the mess and keeps your food warm. Another option is overnight oats with seasonal fruits and yogurt. Or you can even grab a breakfast muffin from the freezer: a minute in the microwave and it’s ready to eat. A positive treat for breakfast will carry your mood forward into the day: who knows what it will bring?