Why Making Your Bed Matters

The world is divided into two kinds of people: Those who make their beds, and those who just…don’t. If you’re part of the latter group, it’s time to get your act together! Why, you might ask. Well, besides the fact that your mother said so, everyone from feng shui devotees to sleep researchers has found good reasons to keep the Sheets neat. Here are some of them…

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Feeling of accomplishment

It may seem too small a task to matter much, but starting your day by making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. Taking only a few minutes of your time every morning, doing so can ignite a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Reduced stress levels

A decluttered bed makes for a decluttered space. A decluttered space makes for a decluttered mind. A decluttered mind makes for a decluttered life. You get the point…

It Contributes to Better Rest

It’s not all about the vanity factor. Your environment is crucial to a good night’s sleep. This includes room temperature, lighting, noise and the overall cleanliness of your space. Keeping these variables consistent encourages solid sleeping habits. Twisted Sheets = tossing and turning. Neat Sheets = solid zzzzs.

It Keeps You Healthier…

Straightening up your bed in the morning prevents dirt and dust from joining you under the covers at night. This is important for those with allergies and people with pets…or general city dwellers who bring in the dust of a long day. There’s a long-standing rumor that Jackie O had hers changed daily, but for those of us who make our own beds, a weekly sheet change is perfectly acceptable.

…And Happier?

There are a few studies floating around the internet linking happiness to bed-making. Admiral William H. McRaven once delivered a speech “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” His logic: You can’t do the big stuff right if you can’t do the little stuff right. Plus, if you’ve had a bad day, coming home to a perfectly made bed provides a sense of relief and encouragement.

…With Major Payoff

If we’re defined by our habits, then what’s to be said of those who don’t make the bed? Are they slovenly sad-sacks doomed to messy lives and sleepless nights? Absolutely not! First of all, you’re not alone. Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin (who literally wrote the book on the topic) found that making the bed was the most common habit that people wanted to add to their routines. Like Admiral McRaven, Gretchen believes that the simple act of bed making can lead to greater positive change:

“Picking one little task to improve your situation, and doing it regularly, can help you regain a sense of self-mastery.”

"my luxury linen", scandinavian bedding basics, svenska sängkläder, Why Making Your Bed Matters
Sofia Hellstrom